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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Tamiya Plasma Edge II TT02B 4wd Buggy - upgraded w Hobbywing 13T 3000kv Brushless

Here is what I installed:
So I went for my tried and true Hobbywing 13T 3650 motor rated at 3000kv. This sensorless brushless EZRUN motor is basically a 380 sized finned motor and works especially well in Tamiya RC cars.....it is fast, reliable, easy on the wallet, and still looks trick installed in a cheap Tamiya rig.

I had a new in box 60A EZRUN Hobbywing ESC.....so that is what I am using for control. I have successfully used their 35A rated ESC with these motors with no issue. I kept the same 1800mah 6 cell nicad pack for speed comparison.

Check out the video below:
(I am happy with the powertrain....I know with a Lipo it will be perfect)

Monday, August 15, 2016

Tamiya TT02B Plasma Edge II 1/10th Scale 4WD Buggy Pictures Pics

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tamiya TT02B Plasma Edge II running video pavement

Totally stock except for ball bearings. Running stock 540 torque tuned motor, ESC, and a Duratrax 1800 mah 6 cell NICAD (just charged)

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Tamiya Plasma Edge II running video

Here is a short video of the Tamiya Plasma Edge II 4wd TT02B 1/10th RC buggy in action. I was at a building site, loose gravel and sand...

Totally stock except for ball bearings, with Tamiya Torque Tuned 540 brushed motor, stock pinion gear, included ESC funneling the power from a brand new Duratrax 1800 mah 6 cell Nicad the buggy reaches about 18 mph. A Lipo might push it to 20mph. Possible brushless motor install for a future installment.

I am totally impressed with the suspension and handling out of the box assembled kit settings. I feel the drive train, despite a fair number of plastic pieces, would hold up to at least a mild brushless motor install on 2S Lipo power. I might experiment with a Tamiya Sport Tuned black motor next, just to see if there is any difference between the kit included Torque Tuned motor. The RC Gear WinKing steering servo I installed has worked great, with strong and fast response, and at only $5.99, a bargain! It uses the same servo saver insert as the Futaba, so I may buy more of these servos from Tower for future Tamiya kit projects and reviews.