Redcat Racing Project Vortex EXP PRO

We at HiPowerRC rarely leave things alone. Take our Redcat Racing Vortex EXP Pro. It comes standard with a brushless ESC and AM Radio. We replaced both. The stock ESC worked but it lacked smoothness and had a strange off idle glitch that we could not stand. Also it lacked any form of programming and lastly, it was big and ugly. The replacement is a Hobbywing 60A EzRun unit with built in cooling fan and full program-ability. We bought the small convenient program box for it so with a few button pushes we are ready to go with LED number display for confirmation. We had to transfer the motor plugs from the stock ESC to the Hobbywing unit-a simple soldering job and some nice heat shrink keeps it looking factory correct.  The receiver was replaced with a 2.4GHz Tactic unit that works with the Tactic 2ch transmitter I already had. I like the Tactic unit because the transmitter is light and is powered with only 4 AA cells rather than the typical 8 AA. I can be cheap that way! As for the steering servo, we replaced the Redcat stock unit with a cheap Hitec ball bearing HS325BB unit. The stock servo horn mates perfect and the servo is a drop in replacement. Funny thing though, I think the Redcat unit has more torque. The Hitec servo is a little faster though. This was more a replacement to see if Hitec standard size servos are a direct replacement-they are!
So what did we gain with these upgrades?
  • Lower center of gravity as the lightweight ESC now fits next to the motor low on the chassis as the feather weight Tactic receiver sits on the upper plate (and with no external antenna to worry about I might add, so no antenna mast!
  • Hobbywing ESC is higher quality unit with built in fan, full programming, and smaller footprint. It also controls the speed with no low speed glitching
  • 2.4GHz control so no frequency tangles to worry with other cars
  • Proof that Hitec standard sized servos drop in place, so no need to find a Redcat replacement.
  • We replaced the spur gear while we were at it, so we now know how to do it!