Redcat Racing's Caldera 10E - quick review!

We just had a chance to try the Redcat Racing Caldera 10E, and we like it!
  • Big foot print! Wide stance with nice and plush big bore oil filled shocks and monster tires
  • Ez Run brushless motor and ESC combo included!
  • Redcat 2.4GHz radio system
  • Full ball bearings
  • Extra thick Polycarbonate body-painted, trimmed, and sticker-ed
  • Superb handling and decent power
  • Midship motor mount and balanced component placement
  • Solid extra long chassis for more like 1/8th size than 1/10th size
  • Excellent price point: ~ around $200 street price!
  • stock battery (a decent 3800mah Nimh) gets way too hot during running
  • tamiya type connectors not up to task of brushless motor current draw
Overall performance was good! The truck is not quite as fast as our Redcat Vortex Pro, but it definitely handles better. I believe the fact that the Redcat Caldera chassis is purpose designed....that is it is designed specifically as an off road truck chassis.   The Caldera has more suspension travel, wider suspension arms, and a better motor placement. Any one considering the Redcat Volcano series should seriously consider spending slightly more for the Caldera. Overall it is the better truck. Really the only problem I noticed was the tamiya type connectors that are easily replaced by Deans Plugs, and of course upgrade the battery. I will try one of our ACE 4000 LiPo packs. I am sure speed and run time will increase! I really like the way the Caldera looks. The body is not too high on the chassis, and the chrome plated rims look high class. Even the body was done nice. Some of the stickers were a little loose, but a little pressure fixed them.
Overall, there really is no truck at this price point that can even compete with the Redcat Caldera 10E. I am sure Redcat sells a bunch of these! Check out our pictures. Now for sale at !



    2. Wow! This is a fantastic idea!racing tire are nice......
      Tires Miami

    3. I have this truck and LOVE it. It does everything you want it to and alot more...

    4. imtrading a mini e revo for one today ;) mini revo nice but to quick for a small 4wd 1/16 scale always flippin over when u give full throttle bye bye 1/16 im goin back 1/10
      thanks for all info

      1. For off-road can't beat 1/10th scale...just the right size!

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    6. If you run this truck everyday, as I have, you will find that the Brass pinion gear will need replacement. I've gone through at least 3 during this summer.

    7. how fast is the caldera 10e

    8. nice truck But must up grade knuckle pinion, and spur gear and pinion gaer strips out often , I recommend aluminum spur gear if u can find it .other than that it a strong truck . PS. go lipo!!

    9. The stock tires suck on the street unless you want to do doughnuts, but other than that I like mine.


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