50 MPH Duratrax Vendetta TC - Powered by HiPowerRC

If you have been reading our posts here or on Diyminituner.com, you are well aware that we love the Duratrax Vendettas! We bought ours about a year ago, and now have it running a 7800KV 12T Hobbywing motor controlled by a Hobbywing EZrun 25A brushless ESC. So far everything is holding up well....except the tires! We had changed the rims and tires from the dish/slicks which come stock to the spoke wheels with treaded tires. While we love the looks, the treaded Duratrax tires are grinding down! The ACE 1800 lipo fits perfect and works flawless. We run Deans Ultra plugs for best performance and charge using a Thunder AC6.
This car is fast. Is it 50mph? That we don't know for sure. The motor we are using is a 2.0mm shaft, so the stock Vendetta pinion gear wouldn't work (it is 2.3mm). We are running a 16tooth pinion from an RC18. The gear pitch is slightly different, but it works ok except for being somewhat noisy under acceleration. The motor could handle a higher tooth pinion, but it gets fairly hot as it is. We punched a few holes in the body for some extra cooling. The car accelerates like a bullet, and with the ACE Lipo we have no issues! It is one solid performing lipo battery....perfect for the Duratrax Vendetta!