Tamiya TT01D Subaru WRX STi

Here is our latest creation....the 2005 Subaru WRX STi as presented in the 1/10th RC drifter TT01D chassis from Tamiya.
This was an easy build. About five hours later I had a complete running chassis with a simple one color paint scheme. I used about half the stickers for the body omitting the WRC graphics ( this is a drifter not a rally car.)  I also went sans rear wing to complete the sleek "sleeper" drifter style.
I used the Tamiya ESC and "black" tuner motor that came with the kit, as well as the stock shocks. The kit also comes complete with ball bearings. This is the second tt01 chassis I have built and this is definitely better than the first. I think the plastic has been upgraded and is more durable. I also like the adjustable upper arms that this kit has for adjusting camber. The stock plastic oil filled shocks work well for this level car and the authentic looking gold wheels and drift tires are a perfect combo for this car.
As for performance, this is a drifter, so it is not a top speed racer. The motor and ESC that came with the car provide suitable drift power and speed, and it is very controllable and an absolute joy to drive.
I used a cheap 2.4 ghz radio and a ball bearing Hitec standard size servo for steering duty. I am very happy with this model.
While everyone is looking for top speed, I am enjoying the drift action and simple cheap electronics. I am running an ACEPOW 4000 mah 7.4V 2S pack, and find it perfect for fit and power.


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