Turnigy 1/4 scale RC GoKart quick review

Yes, I finally decided to buy one! This is the model I had wanted to create from scratch, but never had the time myself to do. HobbyKing made it easy for me.....a complete roller including 380 sized brushless motor and installed steering servo. I had to provide a brushless ( non sensored type ) ESC, radio system, and a suitable battery pack. Of course I could have bought all these items from HobbyKing, but I had them lying around, or to be donated from another RC vehicle.

First off.....HobbyKing ships these in plain cardboard boxes with no instructions. I received mine in about 4 days via Parcel Post from the USA warehouse ( price varies - I got mine for $95 + $11 shipping). So make sure you go online to find pics to figure where to put the stickers. Also make sure the steering servo is centered. I did have to take the servo out and re-adjust the servo horn so that it would be in the proper position at 0 point neutral. Mounting the receiver is up to the user, as is the ESC. I put the HobbyWing 60A ESC that I had on the same side as the motor. I put the receiver opposite side by the driver seat. Harking back to the days of simple pan cars - the rear pod does have tweak screws-I removed both of mine ( one backed out first drive and I lost ) second one I removed by choice. I really did not see the need for these. As simple as this kit is - really it is not designed for beginners.

The overall quality seems great. Graphite chassis and aluminum pieces seem nice. The driver figure is sort of heavy, but did not seem to alter the center of gravity. I doubt the cart can actually roll over.  The tires are a sort of hybrid material - rubber and plastic like at the same time, but definitely grippy like full scale Kart tires. Do mind the screws that hold this model together. I made sure mine were tight - I did not have thread lock available when I completed the model, but I am sure it is a good idea.  I really like the final drive being the timing belt to a genuine solid axle. It is true to an original Kart.

For those who complain about the handling - learn to drive it. This is a 2WD solid axle no suspension vehicle. I thought it handles pretty neat - at least true the full scale kart. Yes it will spin out, but I was able to learn the thresholds and drive it pretty good after one pack or so. Not having a differential does increase the turning radius - that was my only point of contention. Otherwise I feel it is challenging and fun to run.

Top speed with the ACE 4000MAH battery was great - at least 30mph with the stock 3930 KV motor with plenty of acceleration. I used the HobbyWing 60A ESC I had, but I am sure a 35A would be fine. My trusty Tactic 2.4GHZ no frill radio system was solid control.

All in all this is a pretty cool model. Don't over expect on the handling and learn its limitations - it is crude just like a full scale kart. Also don't hit a curb as the front bumper assembly on mine cracked right away......why could they not use a foam front bumper like the touring cars!!? A second recommendation would be to use anything but their double sided tape - it failed shortly during my first run. I had a roll of the "good stuff" I bought from Tower Hobbies and it holds the ESC and receiver with no issues.

Check out the pics: