Tamiya The Hornet R/C High Performance Off Road Racer

The first time a model kit "suitable for radio control" was delivered to my house via the Big Brown Van I was only 15 years old. It was The Hornet from Tamiya.

This 1/10th scale High Performance Off Road Racer included a rolling rear axle supported by real oil filled shocks , a RS-540 high performance motor, and lightweight polycarbonate body which set it apart from its lesser sibling The Grasshopper.  The buggy's ABS bath tub chassis held everything together and was a sturdy mount for the two servo controls for speed and steering.

The 3 step forward and reverse resistor speed control was a curious looking devise that worked just fine despite its utter  simplicity.  The front independent swing axle suspension with "friction type" shocks managed to control the vehicle's front end despite the lack of camber links.  The solid rear axle assembly managed to handle the Mabuchi RS 540 motor's power and most of the time put that power to the ground courtesy of the oil filled shocks and "rolling rear" axle geometry.

Yes, I am filled with  nostalgia for these simple machines that came from a simpler time.  And yes, I await like I did 25 years ago for that big brown van. I know it is on there. I know it is coming today. Unlike in 1984,  I have the UPS tracking number and I have the internet. See future blog posts with my build and comments of The Hornet re-release. It will be fun.