RedCat Racing Hurricane XTE 1/8 Brushless Buggy Review

The RedCat Racing Hurricane XTE 1/8 scale Brushless Buggy comes as a Ready To Run buggy with 2.4GHZ 2 channel Radio, two 7.4v 3600mah 2S hardcase Lipos, a simple wall type charger, and it is fully assembled.

RedCat Racing cars are available direct from RedCat Racing or from many dealers on the web. This car is priced right around $299.00 street price. The included brushless motor system is an 80A sensorless unit ( think Hobby Wing ) with built in fan. The drive system is typical racing buggy fare with a CENTER differential driven by the motor with two dog bone shafts transferring power to the front and rear gearbox / diffs. The center differential allows the front and rear wheels to adjust power based on traction and really assists with 4WD handling. Full ball bearings throughout the drivetrain and on all four wheels contributes to efficiency and speed.

The battery packs are 7.4V 3600MAH  2S Hardshell Lipos. There is no sticker on the battery pack to indicate the capacity, but according to the RedCat Racing description....they are 3600mah. Also included is a small Lipo Charger that simply charges the pack through the balance connector. It is SLOW. Ditch it for a real charger. I use my trusty Thunder AC6 charger. Speaking of battery packs....I quickly cut off the lame banana plugs and converted everything to Deans Ultra plugs. I have yet to test the car with my EP5000 Lipos, but was none the less impressed with the speed this buggy can attain.

Included radio is fine. It does everything right despite a maybe "cheap" impression based on looks. I had no range problems or controller issues. I bash, don't really race, don't care what other people think and would stick with the radio unless one is into multi model memory etc. This radio has the usual trims, servo reversing, and dual rate.

The included body looks great seems strong. However, unlike the chassis, the body wasn't unscathed after testing. The only other damage resulting was the rear wing. If one saw the jumps that had the car landing upside down on actually is any expected fail.


I went to my usually empty lot on a rather nice Atlanta  February day with temps unseasonably high 60's almost 70 degrees. I say unusually empty lot because I ended up with a small audience. An old guy with two little dogs and a more interesting female doing some creative writing found the buggy extremely entertaining to watch as I managed to do some amazing jumps while plowing through acorn shell and leaf filled terrain. The dogs were barking like crazy. The girl called the jumps “drifts” which I presume meant the time the buggy drifted in the air.

The radio was fine for control and never deviated from its signal transmission. The steering servo seemed fine, but I could see it being slow on a tight track for racing....RTR servos usually are. The suspension worked flawlessly. I was absolutely impressed by the shock control. The power was absolutely sick. Speeds were definitely in the 40 mph range and with some aftermarket quality Lipos I think 50mph is possible. The big lot I run in feels smaller with how fast this buggy can cover ground. The brushless motor and ESC worked flawlessly as well. No issues.

Stock tires are fine for bashing on the grass and terrain I was dealing with, but here I also suspect on the track, some changes may have to be made.


NO DAMAGE TO CHASSIS at all. No broken A-Arms or suspension parts. The only damage was to the BODY and rear wing. The body damage was actually a huge disappointment in that the weather was warm and I did not expect a total fail. The crack in the rear wing was expected. I thought it would be worse based on the upside down landings on pavement.
Bottom line: I tried to break the car. The body failed. I will be getting another body from RedCat or Himoto ( I think they make RedCat ) . I hope to actually try this one on a track.  See more awesome pics!


  1. Yep, the Hurricane xte is very nice with a few minor mods. Mine keeps up to my buddies $1500 machines no problem. Take a small round file to the body where it touches the suspension mount and you won't tear off the nose!!!

  2. I'm thinking about getting one to play on the track, which mods did you do to keep up with everybody else?

  3. I am Really Impressed By The Speed This Beast Is Able To Throw Out , I Wish The Steering servo was Upgraded To Aluminum At Least Because The Plastic One Broke On The First Drive Nuts I Didnt Even Bash It To The Max Yet and I Have To Replace A Part On It Already . Didnt Think It Would Break That Easy But It Did So Kinda Dissapointed On That End But Yeah Upgrade Steering Servo Link Please Would Make So Much Of A Difference !!!

  4. redcat racing, All products sold are not just toys and should be handled with great care. The user shall determine the suitability of the product for his or her intended use and shall assume all risk and liability in connection therewith; this will include all items sold .

  5. they are 3600mah. Also included is a small Lipo Charger that simply charges the pack through the balance Bajaj Specs

  6. I took the plunge yesterday and ordered one. While I'm aware of the many negative reviews on the Hurricane XTE, I'm glad to see there are also some positives.
    Only time will tell ......


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