RedCat Racing’s Caldera 10E w/5000mah Lipo Quick Review!

The Caldera 10E is one of the most popular RC Trucks available from RedCat Racing. With the included brushless motor and ESC,  2.4GHZ radio system, a capable chassis with big bore oil filled shocks, and a smart looking monster truck design it really is no surprise these trucks are selling well.

Our EP5000 45C HardCase Lipo fits perfect and performed flawlessly
Now as a RTR, it does come with a lame stock 6 cell NIMH battery pack and slow charger to keep costs down. Install a 5000mah Lipo like our EP5000 Hard Shell 7.4V 45C 2S pack, and suddenly the truck really starts to perform. I recently had the chance to test our new EP5000 pack in the 10E Caldera and it fits just fine and performed flawlessly ( as did the truck itself ).  Having a great big vacant lot across the street from my townhouse community is a plus as the truck covered ground very quickly and was a blast to drive.  Today it was very cold for Atlanta, only about 35 degrees in the sun! Needless to say, nothing broke despite the cold weather. This truck is holding up very well. My only issue early on was a bad steering servo, which I replaced with a cheap “no name” high torque unit which is working well. Otherwise, I did loose a screw on one of my steering arms; so I replaced all four screws with 3 mm x 8 mm aluminum machine screws and it has solved that problem.

Being a very cold day, the suspension was a little stiffer than usual, but still had that great planted feel while negotiating turns in the rough stuff. The stock tires are wearing great. The motor never over heated and the ESC never shut down due to heat or low voltage. I highly recommend the programming box for the ESC ( get the cheap box from that works with Hobbywing ESC’s ).  I set my ESC for a lower “punch control” for softer launches and set the brake to not be so aggressive.

All in all, despite the cold, I had a great run! Check out the photos. This is a good looking truck! I will keep everyone updated on my Caldera in the coming months!


  1. I bought the same setup, I cant wait!

  2. Great review! Good to know that it was okay in the cold weather even without aluminum parts.


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