State of RC - commentary

My brushless 4S buggy lays dormant. My two other 4WD brushless RedCat Racing trucks ( a Caldera 10E and a Vortex Desert truck ) also are parked. No...they are not broken! They really are not as fun to drive as my Tamiya Blackfoot. Oh....and they are way faster. They handle better. They take jumps better. Overall....they are better in every performance metric. Lipos and Brushless motors should make me really happy. So what happened? Did I just get old? Am I just reminiscing about my youth....i.e. growing up with Tamiya buggies? Or does the endless quest for speed and power no longer interest me?

I am enjoying my Duratrax Baja Bug as well as my Tamiya Blackfoot. They seem speedy enough to me? I really like being able to see the suspension work on these vehicles as they traverse the "off road" terrain. I can't seem to wear out the tires. I can't break anything on them. While I am not advocating "slow" RC - I actually am not into the crawler scene...(they are just too slow for me)....I am advocating more simple but scale like RC models. It is nice to see a body on a car that resembles something in real life. Many of the current RTR's have "blob like" bodies that barely resemble a buggy, truck, or car. Look at the racing bodies for touring cars or the "bull dog" looking forward cab bodies on buggies....they just look plain.

It is nice to be able to put a "standard" size and torque $12 servo in a car and have it steer the wheels adequately.  Why not a "silver can" brushed motor? On a 7.2V NiMh pack they will last a long time before needing replacement. Current brushed ESC's now have LVC so a cheap 20C Lipo can be used and not be stressed out as it only have a 20-30A power draw at MOST with a 540 brushed stock motor.

At some point this hobby got hijacked by all the RTR models promising 50+ mph. Brushless and Lipo motor and battery wars. 100 mph speeds. Sounds like a lot of broken parts. Also a lot of broken dreams. Yes...I am going to put my silver can 540 motor back in my Blackfoot. I feel like I violated it with the Hobby Wing EZ Run system. Maybe I can compromise with a Black Sport-tuned 540S.

Till next time - Mike