Tamiya Blackfoot Xtreme RC Review Brushless Lipo

Our Tamiya Blackfoot Xtreme is fully assembled. We installed a 13T 3000KV HobbyWing brushless motor with their 35A ESC and power comes from our EP 4000mah 7.4V 2S Lipo. This combination provides great runtime and about 20MPH speeds without any overheat issues. The 13T motor is really a 380 sized motor with substantial cooling fins that sizes it as a direct fit replacement for the standard 540 sized motor. This motor and 35A ESC pretty much emulates a Tamiya Black motor performance without worrying about worn brushes or overheating. I used the standard 18 tooth pinion that came with the kit.

Building was fun and reminded me of all the previous Tamiya kits I had built. I did take apart the pre-built gearbox and installed ball bearings as well as in the axles. One will need 16 5x11 bearings ( I used Duratrax brand as they are cheap and have worked fine for me over the years.)

 I replaced the stock plastic “pogo sticks” with GPM? aluminum shocks I sourced from EBAY. The shipped direct from Hong Kong in about 5 days. Unfortunately, the springs are a little soft so the ride height suffers especially in the rear. Digging through my various boxes of parts, I could not locate stiffer springs. I will update when I find some replacements. Vanity prevented me from installing the stock silver springs as they just did not match the colorful yellow units!

Despite the soft suspension, the Blackfoot was a joy to run off road. Jumping is not something I tend to partake with my vehicles as I prefer to challenge my off road vehicles with hill climbs and traction challenging scurries. The shocks did an excellent job of handling rough terrain - I doubt so good for tall jumps.

 The Hobbywing EZRUN system worked flawlessly. It only got luke warm ( motor and ESC ) during my first test. The www.RCCarBatteryPacks.com EP 4000mah 2S Lipo provided more runtime than I could use, and power is fantastic. It fits in the same factory space allocated for NiMh stick packs. The battery holder endplates fit a little tight due the wires exiting the battery. I may elongate the mounting hole on one endplate by about 3mm for a looser fit.

 For control, I used my Tactic 2CH 2.4 GHZ system with a Hitec 311 standard steering servo. One note on using the Hitec servos....Tamiya does not provide a servo saver insert sized for Hitec on this kit.  I had a spare from another newer released Tamiya kit. Futaba and Airtronics (Sanwa Acoms) will work fine.

I did not paint the body. I used only a few stickers as well. I liked the plain look and the scale detailing of the the body. It is molded ABS in black. The dull finish looked better to me than gloss for a monster truck, and I did not want to be battling paint chips. The body is very heavy compared to the common polycarbonate bodies if one is not familiar with ABS molded units. The included bumpers and rollcage all “bolt” to the body and are finished in chrome. 
 Nothing on the market compares for looks of the Blackfoot series of Tamiya Monster trucks! The detailed body looks great and the large tires with “Chevron” designed tread grip great on a variety of terrain.

 I plan to keep this truck for a while and not make the mistake of selling it like I did with my Twin Detonator!
 Side view shows brushless motor installed ( a very mild unit for durability and runtime ) as well as the central battery location.

 Note the rear shocks with spring tensioners almost at tightest settings! Will be looking for stiffer springs soon!

 My standard “wood chip” test as the Blackfoot maneuvers up and down the hills!

This truck is plenty fun on all terrains!  I know it is not the fastest of the genre, but it is fun! For speed I stick to my RedCat Caldera 10E!

One more time up the hill. What fun! Check back for updates!