RedCat Racing Tremor ST Review New 2012 Li-Ion 7.4V 1/16th 4WD

RedCat Racing recently introduced their 1/16th scale RCTremor ST stadium truck and SG truggy. Redcat’s last Tremor model was a 1/18th scale short course truck since discontinued; leaving a void between the 1/24th scale Sumo and the 1/10th Volcano / Caldera models.

Welcome to the 2012 New Tremor ST.

A 2.4GHz transmitter for control and a 800mah Li-Ion 15C 2S 7.4v battery powers the  truck’s 380 sized brushed motor. The electronics consist of the aforementioned 2.4 GHz transmitter that requires only 3 AA batteries, and a “3 in 1” receiver / brushed ESC / 5wire steering servo unit.

Like most 1/16th and 1/18th scale entry level RC vehicles, the Tremor ST and SG use a 380 sized brushed motor. It is mounted parallel to the drive shaft which connects the front and rear differentials. The diffs appear to be ball bearing supported - the wheel hub shafts are brass bushing supported.

What is unique to the Tremor is its power source: a 800mah 7.4V Li-Ion power pack  - not LiPo - but two cylindrical 18500 3.7V li-ion cells wired in series (2S) with balance taps. According to the battery pack shrink wrap, it has a 15C rating. Impressive power in a small package - this battery is charged by the included balance charger module. Simply plug the balance connector into the charger and the battery begins to charge. Simple and it works great. I still had reserve power after 15 minutes of combined bashing on grass, asphalt, and wood chips.

The Tremor is a light weight design - starting with a straight forward efficient 4WD system, 4 wheel A-arm independent suspension with 4 coil over shocks,  lightweight battery pack, and receiver / ESC unit. The lower chassis plate is ABS plastic as is the upper plastic chassis plate which connects and stiffens the front and rear gearbox locations.

 There are upgrades available from RedCat Racing such as aluminum oil filled shocks, ball bearings, and assorted other items for performance and longevity. Another benefit the Tremor has is parts support. A quick look at RedCat’s website shows all the parts in stock and available. Take a look at the “unboxing” photos:

We can harp on what the Tremor doesn't have such as: No oil filled shocks? No adjustable suspension? A 380 Brushed motor? But the bottom line is the Tremor is a blast to drive and it works. The Tremor’s efficient design definitely benefits the driver. Rock solid radio reception, a decent steering servo, and a very nice progressive ESC unit with brake and reverse make the Tremor a joy to drive. The motor provides really good power and the included li-ion battery pack seems a good match. One might say 800mah is not enough capacity - but I had 15 minutes on the clock and we were still moving fast. Due to its light weight the Tremor kind of rides on top of the grass once it gets moving. I actually didn’t miss the optional oil filled shocks. The suspension did have a little bounce, but it didn’t seem to affect the directional stability.  A small off road course and a few Tremors would be a great way to spend an afternoon. This truck can be bought for $89.00 and the overall package works well.

Negatives? The motor did get fairly hot. I might recommend the optional heat sink. (I did run this truck in deep grass and that will increase motor temps). The included battery charger works but is slow at 2.5hrs to charge. Consider a better charger - as one grows with the hobby it will be a necessity anyway.  Only two body styles so far.....the ST which I reviewed and a Truggy. With the current Rally craze - I hope RedCat thinks about a rally car version to maximize the marketing of this good chassis.

Check out our two videos ( I drove and filmed at the same time):

As a RedCat Racing dealer I sell RedCat Racing parts on Ebay  to support my hobby. I do my best to be impartial and do reviews on what I sell to make it possible for potential customers to make an informed decision. Whether you buy or not from me is up to you - your support would be appreciated if you do choose a RedCat model I carry. Thank you!

Mike Mizzi - owner