RedCat Racing Twister XTG Pro Review 1/10th RC Stadium Truck

The RedCat Racing Twister XTG is a relatively recent model by RedCat. I decided to try this Stadium Truck to see if if might be a good 2WD “basher” vehicle. Let’s see how it all worked out!

 This truck is fricken fast-at least 35mph + with a 2S Lipo. ( Sorry. I didn’t even try the stock battery pack. ) .  Equipped with a 3970KV motor, slipper clutch, a 90A brushless ESC, and 2.4GHz controller; it is really fast with solid radio control. With a bottom loading battery, the Twister handles great since the battery sits at the lowest point of the car and centered. Low Center of Gravity is a good thing!

The chassis is plastic ABS buggy “tub” style and it seems stiff. The front A-arms pivot on steel pins and a front metal brace helps support and locate the pins. The suspension arms do have some flex and should hold up well for the basher crowd. 

Four wheel independent suspension with long travel oil filled shocks help to soak up the bumps. The shocks feel a little “cheap” and use pre-load clips for adjustment but they work and didn’t leak.  The RTR tires actually hook up on grass and definitely on the concrete side walks. The steering servo is slow, but it works. If I was racing this thing, I would change the servo. For normal bashing in the open,  the steering response is fine.

Trying to drive the Twister and video tape at the same time is hard. I smacked it good into a concrete drainage sewer. No damage except to my ego. I did have a high speed cart wheel on the asphalt and the   left side dogbone popped out. I tried to recreate that incident but couldn’t get the dogbone to pop out so I will call that a fluke incident. Otherwise, absolutely no durability issues yet.  

Yes. I do like this truck despite it not really being my “style”. It is a blast to drive. I gotta find some dirt to run it!   Find it at

Check out my initial reaction video and my first two running videos here: