RJ Speed Sportsman Racer Review Dead Pool RC car

The RJ Speed Sportsman Racer is based off their Legends series of cars. The Sportsman Racer is the long wheel base version - allowing a number of 1/10th RC bodies to fit such as classics and 200mm. I bought this model because I wanted a simple platform to mount various bodies and to review another RJ Speed product from a USA company in my great state of Georgia.

The title of this post is RJ Speed Sportsman Racer Review Dead Pool RC Car. If one is not familiar with the classic 80’s movie Dead Pool starring Clint Eastwood.....check it out on YouTube. The villain uses a RC car as a drone to blow up people’s cars and there is a great chase scene with an Associated RC10 with a Corvette body. RJ Speed sells a Bolink old stock 63 Corvette Split window stingray body. I painted it black and that is what I ran for this test.....i.e. my “Dead Pool” RC car.

The RJ Speed Sportsman Racer a Rear Wheel Drive model with a solid rear axle with ball differential. There is no rear suspension. Up front there is simple spring suspension that acts with the steering king pins. The tires are solid foam which will work on a variety of surfaces such as concrete, asphalt, and carpet. The chassis is made up of two duplicate side pieces supported by equal width struts to create the chassis. A center strip is sandwiched in the middle to provide support for the electronics and battery and another cross piece becomes the support for the front wheel king pins, body posts, and steering servo.

The kit does not come with any electronics. The body that does come with the kit is a nice old 50’s style coupe....like the original “stock” cars. I plan to finish that body as well.

All in all the parts are nicely CNC’ed and fit nicely with no rough edges. The material is “pan chassis” grade fiberglass type material which provides stiffness and flex at the same time. The instructions are minimal and it is recommended to look at the exploded view. While the overall design is simple - I recommend to keep in check the parts and take time to put the differential together. As a veteran RC guy - the build was straight forward. For a beginner it still could be challenging despite the simplicity of design.

The chassis is cut out for a standard 6 cell NiMh stick pack to fit cross ways in the chassis. I decided to use one of my 5200mah HiPowerRC Hardcase 7.4V Lipos longitudinally in the chassis. I had to support it with strapping tape and a few rubber bands. It fits fine. Power is overkill. WAY TOO FAST. Just how I like it.

Speaking of TOO FAST.....the Hobby Wing brushless system I had lying around which didn’t really do anything when I installed it in my Tamiya Blackfoot ( mostly due to gearing....) is truly insane in this car. The motor is a 13T 380 based model with 3000KV rating. I paired that to a Hobbywing 35A ESC and the speed is silly. I have yet to run the car at more than 1/2 throttle as it should go 50+ MPH EASILY. One has to be light on the throttle or it is spin out city.

Durability I did not test per say.....I did have two roll overs trying to control the car, but I was not looking to do any damage. The handling is quite good considering the simplicity of the chassis. I tested on one of the coldest mornings here in Atlanta ( only 29 degrees F!) on the asphalt drive that incircles my town house community and it hooked up decently. Frankly, I ran out of road and nerves to get this car up to top speed....anything over half throttle proved to be dicey. I would say 50 mph is an easy top speed estimate. I hit at least 35mph in my short test run. This vehicle is challenging to drive....which I like....adds to the fun! It is almost silent as the drive train is so simple....all one hears is the body jingling on the mounts and the tires fighting for traction. I hope to locate a suitable area for more speed runs, but for now I am thoroughly pleased with my minimalist high speed runner a.k.a. the  RJ Speed Sportsman Racer.


  1. Looks killer! Good choice on the body. Any video?

    -Rob Aka. littleVETTE


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