Tamiya Street Rover Pictures and mini-review

Drove my Tamiya Street Rover today finally in the sunshine. With the CheapBatteryPacks.com 3300mah 6 cell NiMh the car was as expected. The stock 540 can motor pushed it to about 17mph with ease and the suspension did a great job of absorbing the bumps even without optional oil filled shocks.
Initial turn-in was great with progressive understeer. The stock sized HiTec steering servo was more than adequate. There is no need for any fancy units with such a light front end. Despite the obvious road tread of the tires, I did manage a little running on grass and loose stuff and the buggy managed OK. I think it will be fun on the rough stuff with Holiday buggy or Sand Rover tires.
Love the looks of this ride. I did paint the driver figure, but I was lazy about the body. I only painted the steering wheel and shift lever black and kept the seats body color. The rear lights do look lame just white. I plan to paint them red as tail lights should be. I was stingy on the stickers as well. Did not want the full sticker set saying “Street Rover” if I plan to run off road. Still looks cool to me.
If you are looking for an old school type RC ride, the Street Rover is a great minimalist buggy that seems bullet proof. Adding more power might start to show its shortcomings, but with silver can power it is about the most fun one can have re-living 540 dreams of childhood Tamiya fun!