RedCat Racing S-TRYK-R 3 wheel RC Review

Check out our first unboxing videos of the RedCat S-TRYK-R!

Our First Drive video:

I took the body off to show the roll cage and belt drive configuration. The body requires 7 hex head screws to be removed.
 The rear suspension arm cantilevers with the battery pack. Not the greatest design as more unsprung weight. A lipo battery ( which comes with the Brushless version ) should reduce weight. Speaking of the battery is a 4/5A 6 cell battery.....not common size for RC cars. Will have to size up a suitable Lipo to fit the space.

 Body is not is more like the material used to make plastic trash containers. I guess it is durable and inexpensive, but cannot paint it. It is molded in color.
 The rear end does look menacing.
 Due to the battery sitting crosswise just ahead of the rear wheel there is significant chassis roll. It is sort of fun to drive though....exhibits a lot of oversteer and the on center feel is poor. Not sure if there is any binding in the steering linkage. Did not have time to investigate.
Top speed and acceleration with the brushed motor is decent. Figure about 20mph. I had pretty good runtime of over 10 minutes with the stock battery pack. The belt drive is nice and quiet / smooth. Looking forward to try the other RedCat Belt Drive cars!

Overall, I am happy to see an innovative design from RedCat Racing. I think it is fun to drive, but sort of limiting at the same time, with a slightly flawed design. I noticed significant body roll with this chassis and it would scrape the edges. The on center feel was non existent as it would wander rather than go straight. Not utilizing a standard RC car sized battery also not a positive. I give RedCat a 10 for effort but a 5 on execution. Unfortunately this vehicle will be some sort of novelty rather than a true break out product. I am sure many will be sold just out of curiosity!

Mike Mizzi -


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