Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin 58365 Metallic Special Review / Project

After 20 years of wanting a Midnight Pumpkin I finally broke down and bought one....Thank you Tamiya for the re-issues.

I called this a "project" only because I have done a few cheap "mods" that I recommend.

I decided to keep this silver can 540 powered. I ran the motor on low for about 20 minutes to seat the brushes and lubed the bushings with some oil. I also decided to install a Deans Ultra plug compatible connector on the included ESC and direct solder some 12AWG motor wires as well.

I like to have solid connectors and motor connections. It helps the current flow and makes everything more efficient. For about $3.00 it is money well spent!

Hopefully if one is reading this short article we are on the same page....The Midnight Pumpkin is a fun Tamiya truck....this is not a high performance machine. This has "spring shocks" i.e...no oil filled units and comes with bushings. I did replace the bushings with ball bearings. This definitely smooths out the drive train and will give not only longer life on all the rotating parts, but a little higher top speed and run time.

As for the suspension, I decided to forgo expensive oil filled shocks and embrace the bouncy motions. I did a really cheap modification to the front suspension though. Without upper links, the front suspension has wild camber changes. I installed a few pieces of the included rubber bump stops on the "top" of the suspension pegs. See the photo below. This limits the front from having too much negative camber and also makes the truck sit proper. I use mine on the street as well and this definitely improves handling.

For power, I decided to run a CheapBatteryPacks 3300mah 6 cell Elite NiMh pack. This battery works great and gives decent power and run time. On the street I get the Pumpkin to wheely.

For control I used my trusty simple 2Ch. Tactic 2.4GHZ controller and a Futaba ball bearing steering servo. Nothing is fancy, and all I wanted is simple and cheap reliable systems.

So far nothing has broke. I really enjoy driving this truck around. It is fun and actually quite capable off road. The rolling rear gearbox pod is straight Hornet ware....and the front suspension is very similar to the Hornet and GrassHopper as well. This chassis is the same as the LunchBox...just with different body and mounts.

The Tamiya Midnight Pumpkin is fun and I think it will hang out in the HiPowerRC.com garage for some time!