BRP 1/18th scale RC Car SC18 V2M Review & Update

BRP (Bud's Racing Products) has been producing a 1/18th RC Pan car for years now. The SC18V2M is a simple rear drive on road racing car capable of serious speeds and handling.

Utilizing a simple rear pod t-plate and simple front spring suspension; it mimics its larger 1/12th and 1/10th pan car brethren from as far back as the 80's and 90's. Lacking the more advanced Associated front suspensions and current link rear designs it still manages to scoot.

A 1/18th scale car is small. 25 mph is really fast for one of these. And that is with old school brushed and NiMh 4 cell power.

My car uses a variety of components....all cheap......

Tactic 2.4Ghz radio controls it. battery 4 Cell 2/3A saddle pack powers the motor.
 cheap 370 sized motor ( from the Associated 1/18th scale rally RC18) spins the wheels.
 cheap brushed speed control ( Ace b1006 "Futaba MC330 clone") controls the speed.
 Hitec ball bearing mini servo controls the steering.

The body I chose for this project is their "Porsche" 935 style body. Unfortunately the paint masking tape I used to cover the windows did bleed a little for a less than professional paint job. Stickers I had lying Novak and Hobbywing both are displayed with neither under the body!

I chose the battery because the custom build their packs to your configuration and use fresh cells. For those not used to NiMh....they were cutting edge 10 years ago. I am somewhat disappointed that BRP doesn't modify the chassis just slightly to fit a common place 1/18th scale sized lipo down the center line of the chassis.

I originally was going to go brushless....but my motor had some sort of internal short and got hot the moment I applied power......actually my first brushless motor failure. So I went cheap with what I had available....a 370 sized motor with some serious "balls". I think it came out of a RC18; these are actually quite punchy motors....and even with 4 cell power this car goes 25 mph OR MORE! Brushless expect silly speeds especially with a 7800KV motor....something like 50MPH which frankly would be serious overkill in this sized car and probably unworkable on a track. People unfamiliar with "direct drive" RC pan cars don't know the speed these simple chassis can achieve.

Again...those not aware of brushed ESC's.....any will work with this car if they fit. I chose what I had which I purchased off Ebay years ago....I would say 10 years ago! The Associated RC18 brushed speed control is a good choice too....I sold mine when I sold my RC18. Also the cheap Tamiya ESC's on Ebay will work too....just that they usually have a bulky switch with could remove the switch if one understands the simple bypass wiring.

I don't run my car on any track. I run mine on the asphalt road that is in my townhouse complex. So I really just "bash" my car. I have fun though. It is so quiet and so quick. Also a challenge to drive since it is rear drive; it really tests my skills. Surpisingly it grips nice with the foam tires and so far has been proven durable. While not for everyone....I do recommend this fine little car. It is especially cheap if you have some spare parts that might work so you don't have to buy all the items.

I think I spent less than $20 on the battery pack. I use a Thunder AC6 to recharge the pack and it works flawless.

-Mike Mizzi

Mike Mizzi is a 35 year veteran of the electric RC car hobby and writes this blog and is know as AutoMizzi on Ebay and also runs the shop.