RJ Speed 1/10th scale RC electric Pro Mod Drag racer Review

Minimalist design. Maximum fun. What do we do when we run our rc cars on the street or big parking lot? We run them straight and pull the throttle trigger for maximum speed runs. Well....there is a car for that; the RJ Speed Pro Mod Drag racing kit.

Based on a simple fiberglass pan chassis, the Pro Mod is strictly a drag car. It makes no pretensions otherwise. With a narrow chassis and 11 inch wheel base, it is designed to go straight. Heavens sake...the front tires are O rings stretched on a bicycle type rim. The rear axle has no differential and is a solid axle. The rear motor pod flex is controlled via a push-rod that is supported mid chassis...it is more like a flex "limiter."

The chassis still has cut outs for Sub C NiMh cells....up to 10. Instructions show a 6 cell stick pack positioned across the rear held by zip ties. I did the same but with a square pack 6000mah 50C 7.4V HiPower Lipo. The chassis still with cutouts for sub C cells is showing its age....a more updated car with an engineered mounting system for LiPo packs would be nice....I think I might just get some 3M Velcro for the pack and leave it at that. It would also let me move the pack forward and back. Or....being the "old skool" rc guy....I might actually get some sub C NiMh cells for a true retro racer.

For motor system I went brushless. I used the same 13T HobbyWing motor from my RJ Sportsman racer and 35A Hobbywing ESC. It fit perfect and looks trick. A Tactic 2Ch. 2.4GHZ system controls the car and a HiTec 225BB steering servo with a Kimbro servo saver is double sided taped to the front of the car's chassis.

I bought my kit from Tower Hobbies for  $99 and went all out and got the Duratrax ball bearings for the rear axle ( two flanged 1/4 by 5/16" ) and for the front wheels ( four flanged 1/8 by 5/16").  With a coupon code and free shipping since I am a "club" member I was still under $100.

All in all, about 2.5 hours of wrenching gets the chassis complete. The instructions are decent, but don't go into much detail for set-up. It seems that is all trial and error. I couldn't find anything on the web either.....I am not an expert on drag racing. What is nice about the HobbyWing ESC...with a simple programming box I can set punch control for a more progressive launch. With a little practice I was going straight and fast. I need to try this in a big parking lot for some top speed tests! I think this mild motor car still will go over 40 MPH and when I get a chance I might slip in a 3C pack to see what it will do.

Body I painted monochrome in Tamiya Gun Metal Grey ( p-23) to complete my minimalist Drag car. It comes with window masks and a few "RJ Speed" stickers, but requires significant cutting and leaves the wheel well openings to your imagination. So take your time. If one is skilled, the body does lend itself to awesome graphic paint jobs, but that is beyond my abilities. I might go buy some flame stickers or graphics to further decorate, but I kind of like it the way it is.
 I have been on a minimalist kick....I guess that finds me building pan chassis cars or old school Tamiya re-releases as of late. This kit I definitely recommend if one is looking for a retro ride or something different to install some gear that is lying around. Even with basic or low end gear, this car will fly and all the while be a little bit of a challenge to go straight. - Mike

Mike Mizzi is a 35 year veteran of the electric RC car hobby and writes this blog and has the HiPowerRC.com shop and HiPowerRC Ebay Store which helps support this blog.


  1. Beautiful car!! Could or would you build one to sell??


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