Traxxas Slash 2WD 2.4Ghz First Impressions ( not a review yet)

Yes....I am late to the game. Traxxas released the Slash 2wd in 2008. So is it an American Icon? Does it live up to its reputation as the truck that saved RC? It did start the Short Course RC Truck craze I am told. Honestly....I HAD to get a Traxxas product at some point in my RC history.

So being brought up on 1/10th scale by Tamiya....this truck is GIGANTIC to me. Traxxas 1/0th scale seems more like 1/8th scale to me. I was cheap and bought the most basic Traxxas Slash 2WD. It did not include battery or charger. No big deal...probably would have scrapped the 7 cell NiMH pack anyway and never use the slow charger. A Tower Hobbies club promo coupon also helped ease the blow, as did free shipping on my order.

I still had a HiPowerRC 5200mah 50C Lipo brand new in the box. So I soldered a Traxxas plug to the pack and charged it up for my first test run. I had to break out the instructions to get this truck to work. Had no idea that one would have to press the EZ button on the speed control to turn the truck "on". first drive was just in front of my house on the street. Boy this truck leans even at slow speeds. Seems like the suspension will soak up anything. I bought this to bash off-road and it looks like it will be fun. Frankly I think the body looks kinda ugly. Sort of bulbous, but I might grow to like it....eventually. I am feeling one of those Parma 55 or 56 Chevy sedan bodies for some one of those might find their way on this chassis. Parma makes one that fits. I saw it on their website. When I get a chance to take it out off road I will give this truck a more proper "review". For now check out my first pics: