Traxxas Slash 2wd Brushed Review off road first remarks

Ok the Slash 2wd with stock body is starting to look good in its road. The Kuhmo licensed MT tires  have good grip on the rough terrain. The oil filled shocks are very smooth and dampen the suspension quite well.  Nothing feels like it is going to break. With the stock (slow) gearing, the 12T Titan barely gets warm and the 5200mah 2S Lipo I installed gives plenty of grunt and run time. Basically this is a work horse 2WD off road basher. I like that the suspension has a lot of travel and the wheels can contort to the terrain and I enjoy seeing it lean in the corners. The stock bottom of the barrel 2.4Ghz TQ radio is bare bones....not even servo reversing switches! is lame but it DOES work.....In its defense, I did not have any glitches and it uses just 4AA cells. The stock servo seemed fine to me as far as steering speed and power.

From years of running Tamiya off roaders; maybe my expectations are not high. What I am trying to convey is that the Traxxas Slash does a great job being a toy.  This RC truck is quite capable of running all day bouncing along the rough stuff w/o any sort of breakage. Put a brushless system in things will break and all sorts of upgrades will be necessary.  To have fun, though, just requires a stock Traxxas Slash and somewhere to run it!