1/10th RedCat Racing Pagani Review Brushed Edition

RedCat Racing recently introduced a belt drive 1/10th touring chassis to their line-up of 1/10th RC on road vehicles. It is available with either Brushed or Brushless motor system and come RTR with an "officially licensed" Pagani body. It is available either in Red or Silver.

I bought the RedCat Racing Pagani brushed edition for this review.  The aluminum shocks with threaded ride height adjusters and the 2.4GHz radio system are shared with the Lightning shaft drive which they have been selling now for a few years. Otherwise the new Pagani is completely different from the Lightning on road touring car.

The chassis is made up of mostly plastic, and the upper bulkhead is more a framework that locates the mid motor and pulley assembly. The car uses two belts to connect the front and rear differentials to the spur gear shaft. All the fasteners are hex type. Full ball bearings ( accept on the steering pivots ) are found through out the car.

The ESC is capable of Lipo or NiMh operation and there is a small jumper that is moved to the appropriate pins to either activate Lipo with LVC or NiMh usage. Included in the RTR package is a 2100 mah 7.2V NiMh battery pack with a slow charger ( expect about 4-5 hours to charge!)

The car came complete with a 2.4Ghz radio system that RedCat Racing has been using for a few years now. The receiver is tiny. The transmitter, unfortunately, still is an 8AA version where most of the industry is now 3 or 4AA's.

OK. I am sure everyone wants to know how fast......well.....it is slow! I did not get a chance to run it with a LiPo yet, but yes, it is not that fast. I did not expect speed from it anyway. I was more interested in the chassis and how it was built, its quality, and overall handling. If one wants speed, just upgrade to a brushless system or get the Pro version with a RedCat brushless system installed.

Overall, this chassis is very nice. It has very good torsional rigidity with very little in the way of twist. All the plastic pieces seem strong and the power train seems solid. Further testing will be necessary to see how things hold up. I do not race, so I can't vouch for durability under those conditions.

Handling is absolutely superb. The suspension does its job well. The only thing I had to do was top off the rear shocks with some new oil. They were slightly low from the factory. Back to the handling - I believe the chassis layout with the mid-motor design makes the car handle equal in both left and right turns and acts predictable even in mid corner bumps. My only gripe is with the servo or servo saver not accurately centering. It might be the servo, which otherwise has decent speed and torque, that might not want to return accurately to center.

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For $149 street price it is a decent value. Figure a Tamiya TT-02 without radio, ball bearings, battery, and oil filled shocks would set one back at least an extra $100. With a few upgrades - say a 4000mah to 5000mah 40C LiPo and either a mild modified motor or upgrade to a brushless system and one has a solid performer. As for me.....I am working on a new body for this car. Stay tuned. 


  1. Good write up on the redcat pagani. You mentioned that the car had a centering problem. Did you ever dive into that issue to see what the problem was. I have a pagani and replaced the servo and servo saver and the centering problem still seems to exist. I am going to try a different radio and receiver to see if that might be the issue.


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