RedCat Racing Pagani w/Brushless Lipo Upgrade

Finally had a chance to install the HobbyWing 35A ESC with 9T 4300kv motor package into the RedCat Racing Pagani 1/10th scale belt drive touring car.

The ESC is smaller than the stock brushed unit and fit neatly in original spot

I used a EP4000 35C Rounded Hardcase 2S Lipo I had laying around ( almost 2 years old!)

EZ Run 4300KV 9t motor with 35A ESC close up

Changed out the stock servo with a cheap Futaba S3003 ( sans servo out!)

This is a sharp looking chassis with great handling!

In real life I like the Pagani full scale....but for whatever reason I am not feeling it on a 1/10th touring car chassis. Had a RJ Speed Sportman body and this is what it looks like:

Loving the car so far. Fast and handles great! Below is video. I was filming and driving with my left hand. Road was cold - only 37 degrees in ATL! Fun though!