RJ Speed Sportsman Old Skool Corvette

My RJ Speed Sportsman has been sitting around without a powerplant for some time. I had removed its Hobbywing Brushless 13T EZ Run motor and 35A ESC to put in my RJ Speed drag racer. In the meantime I got involved with my RedCat Racing Pagani and upgraded that with a Hobbywing Brushless 9T EZ Run motor and 35A ESC.

That left me with the brushed ESC from my RedCat Pagani. Well......let's see.....the RJ Speed Corvette was a wild handful to run with the 13T Hobbywing system. It is old skool.....why not put the brushed ESC from my RedCat and go from there?

So Here it is:

Also had a 3300mah 6 Cell Elite NiMh stick pack!

Found a Venom 17 turn double!

Ready to run again!

Unfortunately the weather in Atlanta is rain...rain....rain! Can't wait to run it. Total old school package including a 3300 mah 6 cell NiMh Elite battery built by CheapBatteryPacks.com and a 17 double Venom Fireball brushed motor I just had lying around makes this car functional. The RedCat ESC should be able to handle the motor without issues. Sometimes simple is just pure beauty!