RedCat Racing Pagani Brushless Review Update

I have driven my RedCat Racing Pagani RC touring car for a while now. It still hasn't warmed up in least not on my day I am surprised I have not broken a single piece on the car. I have hit curbs forward, sideways, and back at speed - all with temperatures not exceeding 40 degrees Fahrenheit when plastic is most brittle.

I am happy with the Hobbywing 35A ESC and 4300kv finned 380 motor system. It has run flawless. Our HiPowerRC tires are still holding on strong. I put our 10 spoke red rims with slicks and they definitely stand out against the grey RJ Speed body.

Some people will like the Pagani body and stock rims. I really don't. I think RedCat should have marketed the chassis more than the licensed Pagani body. There really is a good chassis hiding behind those chrome wheels and body.....are you listening? This belt drive RC touring car is good. I like it!