RedCat Racing Review Tsunami 2WD 1/8th Scale Brushless Buggy

It just looks freaking awesome!

With my Traxxas Slash out of the picture ( I sold it.....just wasn't my style), I felt the need for some sort of off road vehicle. The RedCat Racing Tsunami seemed interesting. 1/8th scale but not so big like the Traxxas Slash.....and WAY more powerful. Here is my unboxing video:

My first impression is that this buggy is built like a tank. Heavy duty chassis components made from aluminum. Full bodied aluminum oil filled shocks, heavy duty roll cage design, and large tires make the buggy sit high and mighty.

The first run was on asphalt and grass. The grass is way too deep and needs thatching. Having a few days without rain has been challenging here in Atlanta, and cold temps. also have put RC fun on hold. Needless to say, the motor and ESC combo is more than competent and the buggy looks like it will be killer in the dirt. It does have a gyro for stability, but frankly with what I was doing, am not sure if it ever activated. 2WD is hard to run at these speeds, and thankfully I have had practice with my RJ Speed Sportsman on road car. I was unable to check it for jumps. I need another venue to run it, and will be scoping out suitable places when I have another day off.

I can't really sum up this buggy sort of doesn't fit a set "class" because it is 2WD, and is designed to me as more of a basher vehicle. Future posts will outline the durability of this beast, but for now I am happy with my purchase and hope to run it in a more "buggy appropriate" spot!


  1. It's been almost a year and a half since your initial unboxing. What is your verdict - the good and not so good? How does it handle? What is the top speed? How easy is it to work on. Is it upgradable? What does the gyro do for it?

    What would you compare it to?

  2. This car is sold under 4 or even 5 diferent brand's
    I drive the Yellow RC Dune Racer XL( FTX Sidewinder,.....)
    It is a very nice car to drive!
    It perform great for such an inexpensive model.
    Super easy to handel because of the 'gyro' instaled.
    Super drifting and high speed of road.
    Diff. and drivetrain are just great.
    The shocks may need some thicker oil, but that's personal.
    Still, the steering/front wheel device is lightly executed.
    high jumps are not recommended.
    Going over the head usually means spending money.
    'Aliexpress' has stronger components.
    With a small adjustment, these fit well and will last longer.
    Overall; A very nice car for a very nice price! Definitely worth the money!
    I even bought a second to improve the drawbacks. Very nice to do!


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