HPI Pro3 Touring Car - Retro Ride Flashback

I was digging through some old storage boxes and came across my (now vintage) Hpi Pro3 Touring Car.

http://www.rcracing.com/images/hpi-pro3+logo.jpgWhile mine is somewhat battle scarred, it seems to be in workable / drivable condition. I might install some electrics and give it a whirl....
Boy this car was "controversial" when it was released back in 2001.....it deviated substantially from the HPi RS4 and the Tamiya TA-04 belt drives of the time......the centrally located battery running LONGITUDINAL in the chassis was mind blowing at the time - as were the stubby half shafts!

I really enjoyed this touring car and put a lot of miles on mine. I had a carbon fiber upper chassis stiffener and that really enhanced the chassis. I remember this car being ultra quiet and smooth....much more so than my Associated TC3 I had at the same time. I liked the balanced handling with the central battery pack. Now this car shows its age...it was never set up for LiPo packs...and doubt many will fit. At the time, the side by side 6x1 NiMH Sub C packs were the pro setup!