Review: RedCat Racing Tremor ST 1/16th RC Stadium Truck Re-visit

Ok I gave a pretty detailed review of this truck here. I figured I would revisit this truck. What happened is during Christmas 2013 I had to scare up a Red ST body for a customer who ordered the wrong truck for her kid....Needless to say I broke open a kit and sent her a body. RedCat Racing did not have any replacement bodies at that time. Finally RedCat started to offer a clear body of the ST. I managed to find some time and paint it white. Here are the pics:

I forgot how fun these trucks are. Even box stock, they provide a lot of fun and are quite capable off road and pretty quick. Pick up one of these and one quickly realizes it is light. I think that and the fact it has a slipper clutch makes it glide over everything without dogging out the motor. Running in 80 degree weather off road, the motor gets somewhat hot, but the ESC and battery do not. On a partially charged pack I got a solid 10 minutes. I think a full pack would yield about 15 minutes before the low voltage cut-off activates on the ESC. 
I don't know if I will experiment with mods on this truck. Might keep it stock and just run it as is. Kinda like the bounce with the suspension and the simple stock electronics. Not sure a brushless setup would do the drive train any harm, but since I don't have one available right now....nor the time to adapt it ( requires an new receiver, servo, and brushless ESC since this has a 2 in one receiver /ESC and 5 wire servo), not sure when I might get to it. Oh...almost forgot....see my latest video. The occasional grinding sound one might hear is the front tires hitting the body on full lock because I had the steering D/R allowing too much lock.