Redcat Racing Lightning Pro modded Review

So this is the RedCat Racing Lightning revisited....a few years later. This HSP Racing based chassis has been around for a while, and for good reason. It turns out to be a competent chassis cloaked by a real low rent body. This tends to quell the desire for some prospective buyers, but with a little work makes for a surprising vehicle.

Currently Redcat Racing ships this car with a 3s capable 60a  ESC, but there is a warning that the cooling fan is only rated for 2s. No problem....I wired in a few resistors to drop the voltage to the fan. My goal was to run this car on 3s. Currently living in Chicagoland allows for generous speed runs. What better body for this car than a Protoform Lexus LFA? It looks fast sitting still and complements the chassis with my installed upgrades such as carbon fiber upper chassis, aluminum wheel hexes and wheel nuts. I also went for dish wheels which I had from my HiPower RC stock of touring wheels.

Nice upgrades with the PRO chassis are a STEEL spur gear and aluminum motor mount. These are not mentioned by Redcat Racing, and should be. They add value to the product and think most people would be happy to know these are included. In addition, the chassis is fully ball bearing except for the steering rack. Also included are full aluminum oil filled shocks which just need some heavier shock oil and proper top off. Like I said, a nice chassis hidden by a low rent body.

With a Duratrax 3s 4000 mah Lipo installed the Lightning moves out very well and the stock gearing doesn't tax the motor or ESC at all with motor temps barely above warm. I definitely saw speeds over 40 mph and with simple gear changes could see 50+ mph before the motor or ESC starts to complain.  The chassis is plain and simple sturdy, responsive, and downright stable. Handling is excellent and the Solar D770 servo I put in for steering duty seemed up to the task but quite noisy....maybe a trait of the the cheaper digital servos. All in all super happy with this car and highly recommended. It turns out to be a relative bargain and with a little work and some customization quite a performer.


  1. I have an Exp pro and am looking for 30 or 31 mm width rubber tires to run on asphalt. Do you know where I can get a set?

  2. What value resistors did you use to protect the fan?


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