OFNA Hyper GT Review

I recently purchased the 1/8th scale OFNA Hyper GT RTR road car to run on the less than perfect streets in my neighborhood. I found size wise this car to be a good choice. While there are more known and celebrated rally cars available from Traxxas, Losi, and HPI;  I have been eying the OFNA for some time. I checked out the Traxxas Rally car at the local HobbyTown. It was just too similar to the Slash....a truck I never really loved. More to do with its lack of soul, but I didn't want a repeat experience. Other choices just didn't inspire a purchase either.

The Hyper GT is built by Taiwanese company HoBao. The vehicle comes boxed at a "Pro 1/8th Tourer". We can argue as to what classification this car falls under. I call it a rally car....The chassis  definitely has buggy roots. The aluminum main chassis as well as high volume shocks and beefy suspension arms look and feel strong....much like buggy components.

This version of the Hyper GT is Ready to Run.....so it comes with Radio, ESC and Motor, and is fully assembled except the wheels have to be mounted. In addition, the pre-painted body requires side view mirrors and rear wing attached with supplied hardware. Extra stickers for that personalized look are also included.

The motor is a long can 1/8th scale 2000kv unit controlled via a HobbyWing sourced 100A ESC. The included 2.4Ghz radio is decent quality and boasts EPA and electronic trims. Power for this beast comes via two 7.4V Lipos (not included) stacked on each other and wired in series for 14.4v 4S power.....or for a neater and cleaner set up....opt for a single 4S Hardcase pack to begin with.....

Steering duty is handled by a large Savox sc-0254 digital servo. 
Unfortunately my first run was typical disaster....

This is when my failure to read initial ESC setup instructions became apparent but was resolved as soon as reading included instruction sheet.  I then discovered that that color coded motor wires are wrong. ESC setup was easy but I got thrown off with this. Yep....had to swap two around so motor would spin in proper direction.  Third and final issue?... factory glued tires came completely apart causing tires to rub against body and making quite a ruckus. I wish I had known that the factory glued tires would fail so quickly....re-gluing took time and was not perfect....

Second run was a blast!

While years of RC car experience gave me exposure to 1/8th buggies, I never had a 1/8th scale road car. The Hyper GT handles awesome. Thanks to heavy anti sway bars and generous capacity oil filled shocks the chassis is well controlled. Those tires I was complaining about, do have good grip. The all wheel drive system is well designed and incorporates a center differential for more even distribution of power and assists in handling.

I chose one of our HIPOWERRC 4S 40C 14.4V packs for power duty. It provided more than sufficient power to the 2000kv motor. The speed control worked well; the factory program settings provide responsive acceleration and strong braking. Top speed was in the mid 30's to 40 mph range. The ground clearance and suspension proved to be good on all but the worst roads one would see. The overall feel of the car is enhanced by its visual presence. It just looks so cool leaning into a corner. Its size makes it movements look much more realistic and somehow relate to driver control.

Overall I am extremely happy with my purchase. I look forward to many more runs with the car. My only real gripe are the factory wheels and tires. They need to be glued prior to use ( factory glue job not withstanding), and I am not sure what other brands of wheels/tires may fit? It will require some research.

Mike Mizzi is a 35 year veteran of the Electric RC car hobby and writes this blog and owns the HIPOWERRC store which subsidizes the purchase of these and other RC test vehicles.