RC10 Worlds Edition mini Review / Fun

The last RC10 I had was a frankenstien of parts that were attached to a Worlds black aluminum chassis. While it "worked" I lost interest as it was never reliable and the prospect of building one from new parts seemed daunting. So much for a "free" rc car! Fast forward 15 years or so....and I saw that Associated was still selling their RC10 Worlds kit online at a reduced price. A few clicks and a few hundred $ on the credit card....and a completely new unopened kit delivered to my door!

 I won't bore with the building process....everything was pretty well documented in the instructions. Short of a few properly sized screws ( found a correct sized Dubro at the local Hobbytown ) every went well.
I installed some radio gear I already had....low end stuff....starting with a  REDCAT receiver and transmitter. The stuff works....don't hate on it! I also bought a $30 Hitec ball bearing steering servo. I had a new 35A ESC motor combo from HobbyWing with a 4300KV 9T 380 finned motor just sitting around and a 4200 mAH  2S HiPowerRC Lipo  that just fits the battery box for power.

Tires are up to the builder. I found some at the local HobbyTown. Not many to choose from there at the time so I have Proline Rears and AYK fronts. Forget the exact models of tires.....I'm a basher not a racer, so I run what I have access to. Both brands fitted nicely to the included yellow dish wheels.

The power from the HobbyWing brushless system coupled to the HiPowerRC battery pack is kind of insane in this buggy. The front end lifts up under acceleration and while accelerating at speed. This is a 35A ESC?! I thought for sure it would thermal out, but it kept on going. I would estimate mid to high 30mph range. Motor temps were not too bad, but I wasn't racing either....so this might not be the best test.

The Turbo Mirage body that is included with the kit is age appropriate and looks the part. Mine is painted in Candy Red courtesy of a Tamiya Aerosol. I slapped on the included stickers and kept the rear wing clear ( which is what I do with just about all my RC cars!)

As for handling and suspension, I was impressed with the 32 year old design! The shocks were well dampened and the buggy seemed to handle the bumps with ease. I know current race buggy technology has progressed, but for general playing and bashing this thing is great! All in all, I am happy with my purchase and able to replay my RC experience of my youth with a car I couldn't imagine to possess when I was that age!