RWD Touring Drift Experiment RedCat Racing Lightning

 I have began to notice the RWD trend in the drift community. I had a Red Cat Racing Lightning touring car sitting around that has been highlighted in this blog numerous times. I felt need to do my own experiment. So I removed the front differential, half shafts, and center drive shaft. Now I have a RWD touring car. I installed one of our HiPowerRC 4200 mah lipos and let her rip.

Well....before that I did adjust the suspension. The lighter front end I laid the front shocks down for a softer front suspension and stiffened the rear. I didn't want the rear end to squish down too easy so that weight weight distribution would load the rear wheel too much during least that is
the idea.

I also mounted the steering turnbuckles to the top of the steering blocks so that I might get a little more steering angle / travel. This may prove to be the weak point of this chassis for drifting.

As for driving it is not THAT bad. I find it likes to corkscrew at full throttle from a dead stop. So if I go easy on the throttle it does move and track straight. I also found that there is "lift throttle" oversteer. So it is challenging to drive but SO MUCH fun. Fun because it is challenging to drive and a sense of actual skill required to make it go fast. I will be ordering drift tires so I can attempt to drift. Everything I read states I need some sort of gyro to make it work. We will see.