OFNA Hyper GT Revisit

It has been a while since I wrote about the OFNA Hyper GT...and it is not because I haven't been enjoying the car!
Strait forward chassis with very heavy duty feel. I chose a 5400 mah 40C HiPowerRC 4S Lipo rather than two 2S battery packs. I installed a jumper to one of the factory Deans plugs in the series harness so that I could plug in just one 4S battery.

Despite a few scuffs and cracks on the body from minor accidents, this car is a great runner. What I didn't like in the beginning were the factory glued tires...or lack of glue. If you buy one of these cars, spend the time re-gluing the tires before the first run. I replaced the wheels and tires with new OFNA replacements and carefully glued the tires. What a difference....the car runs true, and no issues!

The stock radio has great range and a fair amount of adjust-ability. I only wish the steering wheel had a nicer grip. This is just a minor gripe. Otherwise I am really enjoying the car racing around my cul-de-sac. It mimics a full size car with ever so slight body lean that the factory anti-roll bars keep in check, and the center differential provides real car AWD handling.

I like this car....fun and solid; able to handle less than perfect asphalt and probably some dirt roads as well. I recommend it if you are looking for a fun on-road car with a different look.