RJ Speed Sportsman Brushless J-71 Protoform Vintage Trans Am.

If you read this blog you are well aware of my addiction to direct drive electric RC cars. I've written many an article regarding drag cars and the RJ Speed Sportsmans and even the tiny Buds Racing 18th scale pan cars.
The Sportsman from RJ Speed is about as simple a chassis as one can buy. Solid rear axle w/o any suspension except for the intended (?) flex of the chassis, a front suspension relying on tiny springs on the kingpins, and a set of wheels wrapped with foam tires is all this car comes equipped. The chassis is sized so it will accept a multitude of 200mm wide touring car bodies in the 1/10th scale.

Power and control is up to the builder. Just about any 05 sized motor will fit. For this build I chose a RC Gear brand brushless 4550KV motor. My RedCat Racing Lightning donated its Hobbywing built ESC as well as radio gear. Steering is by a Futaba S3003 standard servo and a Kimbrough servo saver with Dubro links. Our Battery pack of choice is our HiPowerRC 4200mah 7.4V 2S Hardcase Lipo Pack.

So this car absolutely flies.....like literally flies. Currently working/living in Chicago Land, it has been quite windy....well it caught some nice air while doing at least 40 mph and flipped a good dozen times after crashing back to the ground. I broke a rear body mount and bent the front kingpin. Nothing major. Before that crash I was unable to go full throttle. I believe this car will easily go over 40 mph. I think in current guise it should go north of 50mph. It is really fast. Despite my crash it really wasn't that hard to drive. I like the challenge. Handling is pretty straight forward...don't steer too much and feather the throttle. Frankly the road outside my house is not optimal for this sort of chassis with next to no suspension, but it is so fun. I get a great sense of driving accomplishment with this car. I like the challenge and get rewarded with amazing speed.

Check out the photos!

Mike Mizzi is a 35 year veteran of the RC Electric hobby and has built everything from toy grade to pro racing cars...currently writes this blog and runs hipowerrc.com website.