RedCat Racing Terremoto 10 review out of the box

The highly anticipated  Terremoto 10 Monster truck from RedCat Racing is here....well...I finally got one!
So is it a contender in the 10th scale Monster truck class? I certainly think so...but this article is merely an overview of the truck. After we run it we will post our review! Check out the pics and video!  

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Redcat Racing Terremoto 10-how it comes packaged. It's big!


The Terremoto 10 and everything else that's in the box -Radio, Charger, Instruction book, battery mounted in truck

Nice Radio, 2.4 Ghz with 2 channels, steering D/R , reversing switches, and trims. Needs 8 AA cells!

Simple charger included in box. Charges either 2S or 3S Lipo packs through the balance plug on battery. 1000mah output so expect slow charge, but it is a balance peak detector. Not bad for an included charger. Get a real charger...I still use my Thunder AC6.

Body is sharp. Also available in Blue color scheme or a Silver SUV body style.

Good locking MONSTER TRUCK!

Unique steering mechanism with 15kg metal gear servo. Nice. Look at those thick adjustable upper suspension arms.

Looks like front and rear arms are the same. Nice! Stock tires/wheels are not shabby at all. Inner foams and the compound feels pliable for good traction (we will see). Aluminum main upper plate is thick gauge as are the front and rear shock towers!

Large capacity oil filled shocks with threaded bodies for easy spring/ride height adjustment. All the shocks are filled properly and seem to have nice damping action ( not bouncy). Dropping the truck from over a foot and no bounce. Absorbs the drop like a cat!

See how battery mounts on top. very easy to install. Will fit standard 2S hardcase packs. Motor and transmission sits underneath. the underside has three separate plates that can be replaced rather than a one piece unit. Nice!

See how everything mounts from the top aluminum channel. Receiver box holds the ESC as well so no more double sided tape failures. Note the wire guide/holders. They thought this truck out.

Nice shot of tire tread. Wheels seem heavy duty. What you don't see is 17mm Hex's for the axles. Nice. All sorts of wheels and tires should fit. Maybe even 1/8 Truggy and Buggy wheels. One more heavy duty aspect of this truck. Remember this is classified as 1/10th scale!

See those nice shocks! No signs of leakage out of the box. RedCat has definitely upped their game with the Terremoto!

See the thick aluminum chassis and the hefty suspension arms. 3000kv Motor ( see sticker)

Another side view of the Terremoto 10.

Stay tuned for our review! Enjoy the pics!

Mike Mizzi , RC blogger and runs