RedCat Racing Terremoto 10 V2 Review

Let me preface this review...I only had the opportunity to run three packs through this truck. I have crashed it numerous times, some hard hits, multiple cart wheels, and basic roll overs. Nothing has broke! And it is cold out here in Chicagoland!

So I like this truck. It seems plenty fast on 2S power for its intended mission as a Monster Truck. The suspension is well controlled by the long stroke shocks. The power train seems to be fairly beefy and while I didn't do 10 foot jumps with the truck, no strange noises have emanated from the gearbox. The radio system has worked flawlessly and the ESC and steering servo have had no issues. While the RedCat Racing Caldera 10E was my original favorite Monster truck; I feel the Terremoto 10 has surpassed it as an overall superior vehicle. The Caldera is a touch faster, but the Terremoto has a beefier chassis (aluminum vs. plastic) and stronger looking suspension system.

The unique steering system on the Terremoto 10 does have a little looseness out of the box. The rack pivot points I tightened about a 1/4 turn and that made a difference. Despite some looseness it didn't seem to matter for directional control. I was also happy for the very tight turning radius and the strong and fast waterproof servo.

The ESC worked well. It is a HobbyWing waterproof unit and  I had a chance to test its waterproof claim with running the truck in the snow. Hard packed snow directly on top of the ESC had no ill effect on its operation.

Overall speed and top end was quite impressive. The stock battery works OK as ready to run batteries go, but I decided to pop in one of our HiPowerRC 5400 mah 40C 2S definitely added a few MPH on the top end. Off the line acceleration improved enough to pop small wheelies accelerating from a dead stop on grippy surfaces.

With its unique chassis design, strong drive train, decent electronics, and beefy good looks, this truck should be a hit for RedCat Racing.  Overall I am happy with my purchase. We will update with any issues with a "revisit review."

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  1. Now that you have ran it a while what is it like compared to the caldera 10e? I'm getting ready to purchase a car and not sure which to get yet.

  2. yes please, can we get an update on this please. are you still liking the v2?

    1. I did sell my RedCat Racing Terremoto 10 V2! I didn't have a lick of problems with it, I ran it mostly in the cold weather and no plastic breakage or any breakage of any sort. I wish the steering was a little more direct, but it did not hamper my enjoyment with this truck. It is very robustly built.


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