RedCat Racing Terremoto 10 V2 Review (cont.)

Terremoto 10 getting dirty in the mud and snow. Note tight turning radius.
 Our latest running of the Terremoto 10 so far has proved its durability. With numerous snow mounds being used as ramps we managed to jump with some hard landings. Nothing broke. Aside from a few scratched body panels and a front bumper that saw some dirt (mud)...everything has held up well.

Running on 2S power courtesy of HiPowerRC 5400mah Lipo
Traction was great with the Terremoto 10's 4WD and grippy tires.  Traction roll is part of the deal with a monster truck. While the ground clearance is great, the high center of gravity takes some getting used to. I would suspect that 3S power in this truck might actually take some fun out of the equation. With 2S power the truck can find itself upside down. Running in 40 degree temps I found the motor not even warm, and maybe the shock oil a little thick which might limit the travel of the suspension due to over dampening.
Surprising traction even in the snow. No center differential and relatively pliable rubber tires helps. Truck will traction roll on asphalt and grass.
 The RedCat Racing Terremoto 10 V2 is true to its Monster truck mission and so far is built to that task. Further updates will be posted!

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Nothing broke! Despite many crash landings upside down, body held up well. Outside temp right around 40 degrees.