RedCat Racing Blackout SC Pro First Run Review

Chicagoland is a chilly 12 degrees with snow still on the ground and one RedCat Racing Blackout SC Pro....let's go for a drive!

First pull of the trigger showed how ambitious the 3800KV brushless motor juiced by a HiPowerRC 2S Lipo accelerates the truck. With cold tires on cold pavement the truck reacts skittish and is a handful if one blatantly disregards throttle control. By the third pass at full speed the truck became easier to control and a blast to drive. Top speed definitely is 30 + MPH.  On road handling was actually very good. With 4WD and relatively grippy tires, the truck would lean into corners and take a realistic poise through the turns. The oil filled shocks dampened the bumps well.

Off Road the truck was fun in the snow and grass; not bogging down and leaving a path of molested snow in its wake. 

I did not run the truck too hard, mostly on snow and grass, with a few jumps off of some snow mounds. Nothing broke, nor would I have expected based on a light bash session, but it was extremely cold which can wreck havoc by turning plastic parts brittle. No issues today!

The steering is very tight and I had no issues with the servo, linkage, or servo saver. I was very happy with the directional control. The short wheelbase I am sure contributed to the nimbleness.

  I did have an opportunity to test the waterproof claim of the ESC. I had no issues. See the packed snow that accumulated in the chassis covering the electronics below:

Based on just one drive I cannot come to final conclusions on the Blackout SC Pro, but I can extrapolate that should be a solid truck and a good performer. I enjoy the fact it can handle on pavement as well as rougher terrain. As the winter weather breaks I will continue with updated posts on the truck's ongoing performance. The RedCat Racing Blackout SC Pro is proudly available from

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