RedCat Racing Everest 10 - Great Beginner's Rock Crawler

I never formally tried rock crawling. I realized I was doing that 10 years ago with my  Tamiya Twin Detonator Monster truck without much success but it was fun. Yeh...going slow was fun. I did it again  in 1/28th scale with my Radio Shack Xmod RC trucks.

So I decided as a newbie, I was gonna spend newbie money on a crawler. This lead me to the RedCat Racing Everest 10. $135 is the going rate for this truck. Solid axles, a surprising amount of articulation, and from what I can see on quite a following.

The current trend for RC crawling is to spend a bunch of money on upgrading (like 2X the truck). My goal is to run this critter bone stock (accept for the 2S Lipo I installed). I think it looks cute; I like the body and the quality of the metal and plastic seems like what I would expect on a more pricey model. The tires don't make me mad either!

Check out my just out of box pictures. I did remove the shock spacers. I also installed an adapter I made so I can use my Lipos with Deans plugs.

Look for my review when I get a chance. Coming soon when I find a good place to crawl around here....