HiPowerRC.com is CLOSED

Yes the HiPowerRC.com Web store is CLOSED. All remaining inventory will be sold through our Ebay Store. It will take some time to list everything.

It was a challenging experiment. Kind of a Kenny Rogers moment...."know when to hold em...know when to fold em"...after struggling to sell ANYTHING off of my website it was time to CLOSE it. While I was looking for some secondary income and funds to help my blog continue; I was bleeding money.

Some Details and observations of my demise:

Multiple videos and reviews on YouTube....with links to my website....so people can tell me they bought their car on AMAZON. That was my AH HAH moment......

Google Adwords at $8 to $10 a day ( that's $300 a month) to generate about 30-40 clicks a day on my website.

High Quality Lipo Battery packs that only sold when I priced them at or below low quality packs on Ebay with FREE SHIPPING. Battery packs are commodity priced now. Only established brands get top dollar. The OEM I sourced my packs from were EXCELLENT. Their quality was top notch as was their service. My latest purchase from them was a bust. Could not sell a pack without loosing money which was a downright shame. My previous experiences were positive, and those profits had helped me maintain this blog only a couple of years ago. How things change.

So.....my next endeavors with selling RC or anything for the matter, will be unique products that I develop or invent....much like my earlier days when XMODS RC were all the rage....

I thank everyone who has been one of my customers and hope to do business again in the future. For now my blog will continue, and will sell off my RedCat Parts and accessories through my Ebay store .  http://stores.ebay.com/HIPOWERRC