RJ Speed Sportsman running Brushless 4500kv 2S on Asphalt

Last couple of days here have been sunny and in the low 90's...making for hot asphalt and good grip. I haven't been able to get to top speed; at 1/4 throttle hitting 40 mph or so and have lots more to go, this thing flies!
For the naysayers, the RJ Speed is controllable with practice. It requires a smooth throttle trigger hand and minimal action at the wheel as well. I have worked the front king pins looser with some synthetic oil which allows the front suspension to actually work. This gives much more control and a looser differential does the same. These cars are extremely light and mine is way overpowered....

I would suggest a mild brushless system or even a 27T brushed motor for beginners. Even equipped as such, expect speeds in the 40mph range! 

Sporting a Protoform Vintage GTA body....my RJ Speed Sportsman is downright FAST