Tamiya soon to release new space frame TA07 PRO Touring Chassis 58636

Tamiya has announced their new TA07 Pro touring car chassis. Unique design incorporating a composite space frame chassis ( kinda like the Frog?!) which boasts adjustable flex options as well as many Tamiya Racing Factory options included in kit (see below).

  • TRF419 design Uprights
  • TRF419 design Suspension Arms
  • TRF419 design Gear Differential Units
  • TRF Dampers
  • Universal Drive Shafts
The design is a welcome diversion from all the carbon fiber pan chassis, and I for one am glad to see upright shock design rather than the cumbersome laydown arrangements Tamiya had on their TA06 models. In addition the car boasts a SINGLE belt drive and a 3 position motor mount scheme. Removable braces affect the car's flex for different track conditions. Available late July as per Tower Hobbies for $244.99 street price which sounds affordable considering the TRF bits included!