HoBao 1/8th scale Hyper MTe Plus RTR Brushless RC Monster Truck

Not exactly new, but I figured I should post this as an alternative to the other 1/8 scale RC monster trucks. OFNA used to sell HoBao models under their name, unfortunately they have suspended business. Now HoBao is selling direct on their website. The Hyper MTe lists for $530 USD.

Good looking body for the Hyper MTe. Giant wheels and tires and a lot of ground clearance.

Long barrel 2000KV brushless motor and 150A ESC. Looks like a Hobbywing unit, no information regarding 3S, 4S, 6S...etc.

Battery packs mount on both sides! Large capacity shocks...looks strong. The Hyper MTe uses a twin vertical plate chassis, see below:

Nicely done HoBao! Twin plate chassis looks stout and functional without being trendy.