RedCat Racing Everest 10 with 15T ARRMA brushed motor

If you are familiar with the RedCat Racing Everest is a great entry level crawler with a strong chassis and high articulation solid axle suspension. It is extremely slow though....and while I cannot recommend this for long lasting durability....I replaced the slow stock motor with an ARRMA 15 Turn brushed "Mega" motor I purchased at my local HobbyTown for $17.99.

Now the Everest 10 goes about 2 to 3 times FASTER than stock. Which means it actually runs faster than you can walk! Now I beat on mine pretty good at my local construction site and had absolutely no issues. The motor does not get hot, the ESC stayed cool and I didn't break any of the axles. It is WAY MORE FUN NOW!

Installation was a breeze, as the motor even had color coded wires with the same bullet connectors attached. Simply change out motor, transfer pinion gear, and good to go. I used my 7.4V 2S 4000mah Lipo for power. Check the video below
 ( I did my best as a driver and videographer using my iphone ).

As a note, I promised to my readers I would keep this truck stock, but it is just to slow in stock form, and I really wanted to use it more as a solid axle monster truck than crawler anyway....