Tamiya 58630 Plasma Edge II 1/10th Buggy Build

The build was easy. I went out of sequence with the instructions. I like to get the wheels and tires, body, and shocks done first before tackling the chassis.
Stiff sidewalls on the tires make no kit included inserts unmissed. The tires were extremely tough to stretch over the wheels making the use of tire glue seem questionably unnecessary.          
CVA shock parts. The pistons are one piece with the shock shaft and are not adjustable. The plastic parts trees say otherwise, but one soon finds out the shocks do not use some of the parts.

Shocks done! They go together easily, and filled with the included Tamiya Shock oil seem to offer reasonably smooth action and dampening. 
Shaft drive simplicity. Plastic center drive shaft seems OK to me. 
Suspension Arms installed as well as motor and motor mount. Easy smooth sailing from here. No signs of any binding on the arms and the drive train spins smoothly.

chassis complete. I did not install the factory included receiver box or motor cover. Too much plastic for me, I like to see the motor and the receiver fits nicely on the steering servo. Radio installation was also easy. I modified the ESC with a Deans style XT plug.