RJ Speed Sportsman Brushed 540 Tamiya Torque Tuned power

The 1/10th scale RJ Speed Sportsman lends its lineage to the Bolink Legend series of cars. This means at one time this car was designed for "05" brushed motors and Nicad stick packs for power. So having a spare Tamiya Torque Tuned Mabachi motor and ESC pillaged from our Tamiya Plasma buggy gave me the opportunity to try such ancient power in the lightweight minimalist RJ Speed Sportsman.

My suspicions were correct. Tied to a lighweight simple chassis, the 540 Mabuchi and 6 cell Nicad pack have no problem motivating this car to over 30 mph. The smooth power delivery from the Tamiya ESC and old school can motor provide the needed control to allow drive-ability  at only a minimum cost of speed. I like this set up, dare I say I prefer it over my brushless overkill system. Now the car is fun to drive while still embarrassing more complex touring cars (at least on the straights).....