Modded RedCat Racing Everest 10 in the snow

Zero Degrees and I still need to RC.....
The RedCat Racing Everest 10 is one of the best bargains out there for the "casual crawler."
At $135 retail it provides hours of entertainment. I installed Deans style t plugs so I could connect my arsenal of battery packs, and went crazy with a 15T motor to increase speed by a factor of almost 3.
So far the transmission and axles haven't blown up and the ESC has handled the current demands of the 15T motor without a thermal meltdown. I will keep my audience aware of any failures, and while I haven't had issues, it is not recommended to run such a motor without expecting failures of the electronics or drive-train.

Basically the Everest is super fun in the snow, and with careful throttle application it can run slowly on powder snow without sinking...