1/28th scale RC Micro X Short Course Truck (same as Associated SC28) Out of Box first impressions and run

I have bought numerous items from HobbyPartz.com and finally decided to order something from their sister site NitroRCX.com. I was looking for some sort of small scale RC just to run around the house. My interest was sparked by the Associated SC28, and low and behold, I found what looked similar on NitroRCX.com....watch on....

All in all I am finding this a fun little truck to run around in the house. The tires coupled with a solid axle (no diff) is providing great traction even on glossy hardwood floors. The steering is tight and precise and rather quick to react. The suspension is soft enough to show itself working which makes it that much more fun to drive. It also is quiet enough to drive without upsetting the wife.
It is fast enough to keep one entertained in small areas, but not too fast to cause it mar baseboards or break. As for run time, at least 15 minutes on a full charge. So I am not complaining. Set up a small obstacle course and have fun. Not bad for $39.95! Makes me think about getting their $59.95 4wd Rally car too....

( I have no affiliation with NitroRCX.com...this is just a small review) - Mike


  1. Nice review and videos. Any issue ordering from NitroRCX? I believe they are out of California, but not sure. Hope you do a follow on later covering how well it holds up... Best, The Bane.

  2. No issues ordering from them....also they sell on EBay and I think on this particular item would have saved on shipping had I purchased that way. I will do an update when I get a chance, haven't had time as I have been out of town. -thanks mike


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