HiPowerRC.net is our new store for RedCat Racing and Team RedCat!

Hello Everyone, it is Mike Mizzi from HiPowerRC.com calling on all our blog readers...if you are thinking about a RedCat Racing or Team RedCat vehicle...check us out. We have been cheerleaders for RedCat Racing for years bringing our readers news and reviews of RedCat Racing products.

Contact us on our "Contact Form" on HiPowerRC.net for specific UNADVERTISED coupon codes on many of the RedCat and Team RedCat RC vehicles we offer. We sell at the MAP (minimum advertised price) and can go below that on some of our offerings with UNADVERTISED coupon codes. It is a way we can offer unbelievable value and reward those for choosing us. We have been in the business since 2003 and partnered with RedCat many years ago.