Tamiya Subaru Brat Re-Release Fun with Hardbody and stock electrics

Found my Tamiya Subaru Brat Re-Release dusty and unloved on a shelf in my garage....that's what happens when you work 800 miles from home...
But now I am back in Atlanta every other week, so I am spending time reviving my RC's and selling my wares on Ebay. This Tamiya Brat is fun to run and watch. It just looks awesome and the truck somehow moves OK on the traction challenging terrain despite an open diff and just RWD. No it is not fast, but that is not the point. Handling is awesome considering the smallish tires and heavy body.

This Tamiya Brat I promptly tossed the polycarbonate body in the trash and installed the hard plastic body I spent too much time trying to paint. Frankly Tamiya spent all their time making the hard body and got lazy with the poly body....it just was not right ! 

This is totally stock. Only "mod" was putting a Deans plug on the ESC. It has full ball bearings to smooth things out and a 2000 mah NiMH 6 cell stick pack for power.